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Welcome to: YESWECAN! ® 
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Pilates Fusion offers a broad array of movements by integrating several different mind-body modalities. The improved strength, posture, flexibility and balance gained by participants of a Pilates program are enhanced when combined with aspects of IMTTM, 3-D WorkoutTM and BodySpheresTM. Each of these modalities build on the essential principles of movement education and body-mind fitness imbedded in Bartenieff Fundamentals® and Laban Movement Analysis®. When used together, the synergy created becomes an effective antidote to the minor strains that occur from daily routine activities. It is especially helpful for people with chronic conditions such as: Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis and Scoliosis. Additionally, this program can reduce the injuries that our bodies sustain from repetitive movements whether resulting from work or overuse related to aerobics, running and or other impact sports.

You will feel subtle changes after a few sessions, especially if you participate twice a week and practice a bit at home. Over time, you will be able to engage in increasingly demanding movement patterns. Depending on your natural posture, previous experience and physical ability, certain movements may be adapted to your needs. You will be encouraged to self-correct postural imbalances so that the effect of the newly learned body movement patterns will carry over into your daily life. As correct movement patterns become habit, positive postural changes will occur along with a significantly heightened sense of well being.

Pilates: Developed by Joseph Pilates (later adapted to modern knowledge about human physiology) is based on precise movements that build strength and instill grace. All the exercises require specific breathing patterns, mental concentration, coordination, balance and fluid muscle control. Each movements is designed to engage specific muscle groups. Some muscles move our joints, alternating between concentric and eccentric engagement. Other muscles support the move or stabilize parts of the body isometrically to avoid injury through incorrect body alignment and or movement patterns. In the same movement, another muscle group may stay relaxed. Every movement is completed slowly and deliberately with few repetitions but a large amount of mental focus instead of brute exertion. When properly executed, there is no danger of injury. Participants learn to recognize their own capacity and should not experience pain during the move or in the days following a session. The primary focus is on strengthening the abdominal and torso areas.

The exercises are done on clean comfortable MATS. To increase the positive effects of the Pilates mat work, resistance BANDS and BALANCE BALLS are incorporated regularly into sessions.

Joseph Pilates also invented various pieces of equipment to enhance the positive outcome for his clients. Among these, the REFORMER, a movable “mat” set on a frame, connected with a set of springs which are used to create various levels of resistance. Please note, REFORMER sessions are only available in private and semi-private sessions.

IMT (Integrated Movement Therapies)TM along with pilates was a requirement for certification at Second Wind Pilates Plus Studio in Mississauga which was founded by Danielle Bélec, M.A. an ISMETA Registered Movement Therapist. Aspects of Yoga, Tai Chi and dance are merged for increased body awareness and fluidity.

BodySpheresTM  (movement on the Ball) is “an approach to exercise, body awareness, movement enhancement and imaginative play that uses large, inflatable balls”. The name itself indicates an emphasis on the circular/spherical three dimensional movement. The shape and mobility of the ball help participants develop increased spatial awareness and a heightened sense of balance. It was developed by Mari Naumovski, M.A. an ISMETA Registered Movement Therapist and Physiotherapist Assistant.

3-D Workout TM (available on video and DVD), was developed by Dianne Woodruff, Ph.D .an ISMETA Registered Movement Therapist as well as CranioSacral and Myofacial Therapist. The system is grounded in and greatly expands upon the array of movements found in the principles of Bartenieff Fundamentals.

Note: All teachers are certified in Pilates mat and in at least one of these other modalities. They must also have participated in several workshops in the other modalities.

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Yes We Can Pilates.

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